Although no data should be lost or damaged by the flashing process,
we advise you to follow the following steps if you are coming from another rom

  • Please take a full nandroid backup!
  • Please copy your back up to an external device.
  • Backing up your Internal Storage is also recommended.
  • When completed, please clean flash the build!


  • Reworked Lockscreen Visualizer
  • New implementation of button backlight
  • Modern Services -> Google Assistant etc.
  • Substratum
  • Full media support (FFMPEG, video codecs, …)
  • Great Audio quality, no distortions, no crap
  • Optimized many portions of the system including surfaceflinger, inputflinger, System Server, and more
  • Super fast boot
  • Superuser-capable
  • Soundmod support (not all soundmods work on Nougat, it’s not our fault)
  • addon.d support (backups your gapps etc. when flashing new build – don’t wipe system before flashing!)
  • init.d support
  • BusyBox
  • Disabled Access Time for all partitions (We don’t need access time. When access time is enabled, it will store the exact date of the access when a file is accessed, what just wastes write cycles (in theory) and has impact in I/O performance.)
  • Super smooth
  • Signature Spoofing toggle (Support for MicroG)
  • Support for trusted third-party WebViews like Chrome
  • Long press on home for assist toggle
  • Security Patches in kernel
  • Kernel optimizations
  • Kernel – Upstreamed Linux base to 3.18.55 and CAF Base to LA.UM.5.6.r1-04700-89xx.0
  • OpenGapps (Mini/Micro/Nano recommended) and Banks GApps support
  • DoubleTapToWake and DoubleTapToSleep
  • Alert Slider
  • Full KeyHandler & KeyDisabler support
  • Dexpreopt for faster (first) boot time and less space consumption on data partition
  • Upgrade & Boot the ROM in just 5 minutes – no more endless waiting for flashing a new build
  • Very high compatibility with other ROMs


Halogen os  for all phones:-Download

How to install :-WATCH


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