Sultan Cm14.1 Rom Review

Sultan cm14 for oneplus 3

Sultan Cm14.1 Rom Review

If you are oneplus user and You don’t live under the rock than u might probably know that sultan cm13 s the best marshmallow rom last year because Not because of the name sultan but because of the  if the immense battery life it provides and  Simple user interface and not to forget cm them engine no fluid experience

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Update on Development of Xposed for Nougat 2017

Is Xposed Dead For Nougat?

Android o is launched for developer in nexus/pixel devices there is no sign for xposed framework for nougat yet why does it take that long? Because with every release, developer try to ensure that xposed integrates nicely with the improvements in the new art version. The step from lollipop 5.0 to marshmallow 6.0 wasn’t huge. It was an evolution, some things even made it possible to integrate xposed in a more elegant way.

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FIX Wrong Pin/Pattern When Restoring TWRP Nandroid Backup Oneplus 3

When You Create And Restore A Twrp Backup (For Example You Tried A New Custom Rom And You Dint Liked It) You’ll Be Greeted With Message:

1 A “Enter Pin Before Boot” Screen

2 A Wrong Lockscreen Code (Either Pin Or Pattern Or Password)

Here’s Where Things Get Really Tricky. In Some Rarer Cases, Your Most Recent Pin Will Work At Boot, But None Pin Will Work To Unlock The Screen Basically You can’t Access Anything On Your Phone

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Top 5 Best Android Custom Roms 2017

Best android roms for oneplus one

When It Comes to Oneplus One There Are Many Roms Available but Which One to Download That Is the Real Question Don’t Worry We at Game of Roms Understand Your Problem So Here Is My Favourite Top 5 Custom Rom to Flash in Your Beloved Oneplus One

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Feel free to try them all none of this roms will disappoint you in terms of battery life and customization I have listed this roms after probably flashing 100 roms in my oneplus oneNot only oneplus one u can relate this list to even oneplus 2, oneplus 3,and oneplus 3t

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Freedom Os Oneplus 3/3t Review


Freedoms Os For Oneplus 3/3t

          So You Bought Your Oneplus 3 And You’re Looking For A Little More Customization Options, With The Exact Same Experience As Oxygenos, Then You’ll Want Want To Stick Around To Check Out Freedomos For The Oneplus 3 Freedomos Is Just A Modified Version Of Oxygenos. Freedom os oneplus 3/3t Everything From Oxygenos Can Be Found On This ROM, Including A Bunch Of Other Goodies You’ll Find Bundled In.

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